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Easy Paged Content

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The page files

For your pages
create a folder (eg: paged_content)
In this folder create text files or pages named as numbers starting from 1
(eg: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5)
Do not skip any numbers or the whole thing will mess up.

The content will be "included" into the current page you do not move to another page

If your pages are html
JUST THE CONTENT INSIDE THE <body>....</body> TAGS is used
(including the container<div>)

The functions

Where the paged content is to be included.
Add These xt:include and xt:filelist functions
Set your own folder in both functions
if you are not using /paged_content

optional custom Xtscript Paging

You can also use the xtscript custom paging
just add this xtscript above the xt:filelist function
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