Old school Easter eggs.

Css skins
Selectable With cookie
Filelist control
User control panel for xt:filelist
Path to page
A xtscript to show links for the path to the current page
Multi folder file count
Xtscript that creates file counts for sub folders
with a total count for all the sub folders
Filelist index count
File index counter
Xtscript Filelister v2
Filelist with descriptions
Hits lister V2
Filelist with xtcat counters and rating widgets for each file
All tricks filelist
Preview thumbnails
Xtcat counters
File search
A built in landing page
Forced download
Description files
Hupso Share Buttons
Uses blog css classes
Custom paging for the filelist and blog xtfunctions
Random filelist
Random sort filelist
Paged content
From a folder of files
Dean Edwards JavaScript Packer
Youtube rss feeds v2
Xtscript to add youtube rss feeds to your site
with embedded videos for smart phones and web devices
or links to youtube for mobile.
25 links paged at 5 per page
Social buttons for xtblog
Scripts to embed facebook google and twitter buttons into xtblog

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